We're back! {Just a little bit different}

Alright - so I went silent for a little while… allow me to explain. 

Rewind to November 2016 - I was offered a position downtown Minneapolis that I thought I couldn’t refuse… I had been itching to get out of Northfield and wanted to explore what it was like to live “in the cities”. I ended my partnership with Golden Oak Farm {ugh, I still think about that beautiful place and the llamas DAILY} and dove in to the city life head first. 

I was living a life that was constantly on fast forward and as time went on {jump to September 2017} I completely lost my vision and zest for Meadowlark Events. It wasn’t that the business wasn’t booming - I had a steady flow of inquiries. I just didn’t feel it anymore. I was too tired. {Zoom to July 2018} I changed my “contact us” page to say I was no longer accepting clients, and rejected every inquiry I received. I felt torn between this place of denial {am I really going to give up?} and this little light at the end of the tunnel {there HAS to be some sort of balance where I can make this fun and exciting again}.

{Fast forward to November 2018} I had completely given up. Done. “Just close it down,” my inner voice would say… Until one blustery afternoon, Mike {boyfriend} and I were driving back from Wisconsin. We spent the 5 hour drive talking about our hopes, dreams, and fears. I told him my dream business endeavor, {sorry, that’s a secret. I’ll tell you in 10 years!} and we vowed to make it happen. This is the first step.

{Okay, present day} I started noticing that what my couples were asking for wasn’t necessarily a full-service wedding planner. Most of my inquiries were asking for help simply getting started. I searched and searched - but there’s not really a wedding planner out there who zeros in on the couples who simply need help {taking flight}. I said to myself, “But…. that’s my favorite part.”

So here it is. The new Meadowlark Events. Where we focus on the birds {couples} sitting on the fence, who aren’t quite sure how to take flight {get started}. Where you can enjoy all of the perks of a wedding planner, without the price tag. Where you can utilize your preferred communication style, keeping it stress free. Where you’ll have all the tools and industry connections you need. Where you’ll feel empowered to plan the wedding of your dreams.

It was always there. Since day one, my tagline has always been “where your event takes flight”… I just didn’t realize it at first.