Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

  1. {Less Stress}: Planning a wedding is stressful & hard work! A wedding planner is there to take on the stressful aspects of planning so you can stay sane. We become the point of contact for the vendors involved in your special day & will respond to the endless phone calls & emails. We will know all of the intricate details involved in your special day & know exactly how to get what you want. The best part - we will be there on the day of your wedding to make sure everything goes smoothly & no one is bothering you with silly questions. Let’s be honest, as much as you want your wedding day to run exactly as planned, sometimes mishaps happen. As wedding planners, we are there to make sure the vendors arrive on time, the décor is exactly how you envisioned it & the groom has his shoes on. On your wedding day, you should be focusing on being fully present in the moment - enjoy being pampered & surrounded by loved ones - we’ll take care of the rest.
  2. {Save Time}: The average couple will be engaged anywhere from 13 to 18 months, & the majority of that time is spent planning. By hiring a wedding planner, you can decide which parts of the planning sounds *fun* to you, & leave the stressful parts for us - this leaves you with more free time to enjoy your engagement! 
  3. {Save Money}: Many people believe that a wedding planner will push them over budget, but in reality, a wedding planner will help you *save* money! Wedding planners regularly work closely with vendors & can suggest trustworthy suppliers with the best prices. We are also there to help you set a budget & stick to it. 
  4. {New Perspectives}: As wedding planners, we are there to listen to YOUR vision for your wedding & help YOU create the day of your dreams - we won’t listen to Aunt Beatrice who has been consistently offering her well-meaning advice. We understand that friends & family will be telling you how things “should be” at your wedding, & we are there to help settle arguments or act as a neutral party as needed. Also, if you ever feel *stuck* in the planning process, we are able to offer a fresh perspective that maybe you’ve never even considered.
  5. {Stay Organized}: Who did I hire for the décor? How many vendors are there? Where did I put their email? Whats their phone number? When do I have to pay the DJ? When am I meeting with the florist? When do I have my next dress fitting? What am I forgetting? Keeping track of all the details for a wedding is a difficult job - let us do it for you!
  6. {We’re There For You}: Through the entire planning process, we are there for you. We will be there every step of the way to ensure your day is exactly how you envisioned it. Why put yourself through the stress of planning a wedding, when someone can do it for you? Hiring a wedding planner will be the best wedding gift you could ever give to yourself.

Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation, & together we can make your event take flight.