How Meadowlark Events Got It's Name

I walked out to center stage with the bright lights of Bjorling Recital Hall beaming down on me, looked to my right & nodded at the pianist - we were off into the eight minute undertaking of Meadowlark. I had been memorizing & perfecting this beast of a song for the past couple of months & it all came down to this {moment}. 

My performance was flawless - I executed every twist & turn of the song with grace & dignity. I bowed & walked through the giant double doors at the back of the stage & turned to my pianist with glistening eyes. “I did it!” I exclaimed & jumped into her arms for an embrace of victory.

Days, weeks, & months later, I caught myself still singing about the {Plums & Peaches} from Meadowlark - this song had resonated deep within me. You see, this song was assigned to me my junior year of college - right as I was soul searching & deciding if I was going to pursue a career in Psychological Sciences. I had this deep, dark, lingering feeling that psychology was not my {passion}. Instead, I found more pleasure planning parties for my friends & volunteering for different organizations on campus, where I had opportunities to plan large-scale events. {My heart was with event planning.}

As I studied Meadowlark, I dove into the deeper meaning behind the lyrics - the entire song tells a story about a {Meadowlark who lives where the rivers wind. Her voice could match the angels’ in it’s glory, but she was blind}. The Meadowlark has an {Old King} who takes her to his palace, & begs her to sing for him. One day, as the lark is singing, {The God of the Sun heard her in his flight & her singing moved him so he came and brought her the gift of sight}. She opens her eyes to the {Shimmer & the Splendor} of the young God of the Sun - he begs her to fly with him, but she refuses because the Old King loves her. When the Old King comes to check on her later that day, he finds the Meadowlark has died. 

I was the Meadowlark. I had an Old King {a.k.a. my Psychological Science major} who was holding me back from pursuing the God of the Sun {a.k.a my passion for Event Planning}. 

& you should know - the song doesn’t end with the Meadowlark dying.

 “If love has come at last it's picked the worst time,
Still I know
I've got to go.

Fly away, Meadowlark.
Fly away in the silver morning.
If I stay, I'll grow to curse the dark, 
So it's off where the days won't bind me.
I know I leave wounds behind me,
But I won't let tomorrow find me
Back this way. 

Before my past once again can blind me,
Fly away.”

-Makayla, Owner of Meadowlark Events

** you can find the complete lyrics to Meadowlark HERE **