We're back! {Just a little bit different}

Alright - so I went silent for a little while… allow me to explain. 

Rewind to November 2016 - I was offered a position downtown Minneapolis that I thought I couldn’t refuse… I had been itching to get out of Northfield and wanted to explore what it was like to live “in the cities”. I ended my partnership with Golden Oak Farm {ugh, I still think about that beautiful place and the llamas DAILY} and dove in to the city life head first. 

I was living a life that was constantly on fast forward and as time went on {jump to September 2017} I completely lost my vision and zest for Meadowlark Events. It wasn’t that the business wasn’t booming - I had a steady flow of inquiries. I just didn’t feel it anymore. I was too tired. {Zoom to July 2018} I changed my “contact us” page to say I was no longer accepting clients, and rejected every inquiry I received. I felt torn between this place of denial {am I really going to give up?} and this little light at the end of the tunnel {there HAS to be some sort of balance where I can make this fun and exciting again}.

{Fast forward to November 2018} I had completely given up. Done. “Just close it down,” my inner voice would say… Until one blustery afternoon, Mike {boyfriend} and I were driving back from Wisconsin. We spent the 5 hour drive talking about our hopes, dreams, and fears. I told him my dream business endeavor, {sorry, that’s a secret. I’ll tell you in 10 years!} and we vowed to make it happen. This is the first step.

{Okay, present day} I started noticing that what my couples were asking for wasn’t necessarily a full-service wedding planner. Most of my inquiries were asking for help simply getting started. I searched and searched - but there’s not really a wedding planner out there who zeros in on the couples who simply need help {taking flight}. I said to myself, “But…. that’s my favorite part.”

So here it is. The new Meadowlark Events. Where we focus on the birds {couples} sitting on the fence, who aren’t quite sure how to take flight {get started}. Where you can enjoy all of the perks of a wedding planner, without the price tag. Where you can utilize your preferred communication style, keeping it stress free. Where you’ll have all the tools and industry connections you need. Where you’ll feel empowered to plan the wedding of your dreams.

It was always there. Since day one, my tagline has always been “where your event takes flight”… I just didn’t realize it at first.

The Knot Mixer 2017 {Lumber Exchange Event Center}

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending #TheKnotSquad Mixer at the Lumber Exchange Event Center or otherwise known as LX! This event was super exciting for us because {as many of you know} I am also a Wedding Specialist at LX - so, not only did I get to attend the event, but I also got to help with the behind-the-scenes planning & execution!! 

Here are a few highlights from the night:

- The Birch Booth: Oh. My. Gosh. You guys... Did you know there's such a thing as a GIF photo booth?! It's super easy too - they had the booth hidden in one of the historical safes in the Sawyers on 5th space at LX. When we walked in, the screen had a simple instruction of "Touch Me" and it counted down. Within seconds, we had taken a fun GIF and the best part... It sends right to your phone & you have it before you even step away from the booth! This is a must have at your next event - wedding, corporate, you name it!

- Phos: Alright, let's get one thing straight - Sawyers on 5th and Dylan's are already my favorite spaces at LX. If you can't find me {while I'm in the LX building}, the chances of me being in Sawyers or Dylan's, looking out at the stunning view of downtown Mpls are pretty high. The natural beauty of the space is stunning to the point where it doesn't need much décor... At least I thought so, until I saw how the guys from Phos transformed the space. They hung chandeliers & edison lights from the structural elements of the space, & placed their new chandelabras on the bars. Yes, chandelabras. Not to mention the endless uplights they added to the exposed brick walls. Stunning.

- Cotton & Whim: Cotton candy taken to the next level - yup, you heard me! I tried the raspberry almond and it was to die for - I was so giddy & even made my friendor take a boomerang of me with the tasty treat! I'll just summarize it into one word for you: YUM!

Of course, the event wouldn't have been possible without all of the amazing vendors. Be sure to show them some love! 

1. Rosetree Weddings & Events | Planners
2. Studio C Floral | Floral
3. Saint Cloud Floral | Floral
4. Leah Fontaine | Photographer
5. Lumber Exchange Event Center | Venue & Catering
6. A Milestone Paper Co | Stationery + Signage + Accessories
7. Phos | Lighting
8. Apres Party + Tent Rental | Rentals
9. Instant Request | DJ
10. The Birch Booth | Gif Booth
11. Time Into Pixels | Photo Booth
12. Abiding Harmony | Musicians
13. SM Makeup | Hair + Makeup
14. Cotton & Whim | Cotton Candy
15. The Peterson Brothers | Videography
16. Filtered Vows | SnapChat Filter
17. Botany Creative Works | Custom Installations
18. Avant Décor | Draping
19. Cookie Creative | Cookies
20. Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe | Cakes + Macaroons
21. Nothing Bundt Cakes | Desserts
22. Ben & Jerry’s | Ice Cream
23. MN Ice Sculptures | Ice Sculpture

Golden Oak Farm {Open House}

Meadowlark Events & Golden Oak Farm are teaming up to host an Open House on October 19th from 5 - 8pm; showcasing some of our favorite local vendors. 

Golden Oak Farm is a rustically elegant event venue, perfect for weddings, family reunions, & crafting retreats - conveniently located 12 miles west of Northfield on Highway 19. {5135 Lonsdale Blvd., Webster, MN} We offer an antique barn & lodging for 20 in our main villa, all nestled in 100 acres of rolling hills. 

Other vendors include:
{Event & Wedding Planner} Meadowlark Events
{Catering} Diving Swine Catering
{Cupcakes} Kris' Cupcakes
{Photograph} Alice Hq Photography
{Videography} Jamie Hiner Creations
{Decor} Country Style Accents
{Floral} Posy Floral and Gifts
{Stationary} Shelby Hersleff
{Live Music} Mixed Brew

So plan to join us for a night on the farm with food, live music & fun. Because after all, who wouldn't want to do it in the barn?

The Season of Weddings

Summer: The Season of Weddings.

It’s no surprise that the most popular season to get married is summertime - it’s warm, the days are long, flowers are in full bloom, & spirits are high. But, with a summer wedding comes a little extra planning - especially if you plan to have it outdoors. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning the perfect summer wedding:

  1. Keep your guests cool by utilizing natural shade.  Set up designated areas for guests to cool off - have a little lounge area set up in shady spots with water bottles close by. 
  2. Rent a tent. Weather is unpredictable {especially a Minnesota summer}! I suggest this to all of my couples - the last thing you want is to have your wedding completely washed out by rain. Protect yourself & your guests by renting a tent {you can always cancel it if it’s a perfect, blue sky day}! If it’s raining, you’re covered. If it’s super hot, your guests have an easy place out of the sun. {Bonus: rent an A/C unit or some fans to keep your tent & guests extra cool}
  3. Serve some non-alcoholic refreshments. Be sure to have options such as water, lemonade, and iced tea available to keep everyone hydrated. 
  4. Choose your formal wear wisely. Wedding dresses & tuxedos come in all shapes, sizes, & textures. Keep yourself {& your wedding party!} cool by choosing formal wear that is light & breezy. 
  5. Find out if your venue sprays for bugs. I think we can all agree that the worst part about summer are the pesky bugs that come out at dusk. Ask your venue if they spray to keep the bugs away - if they don’t, consider providing bug spray for your guests, along with adding citronella candles to your décor. 
  6. Keep your flowers fresh. Whenever possible, be sure to put your flowers in water & in the refrigerator to keep them looking fresh. If you’re doing pictures later in the evening, have a backup plan for your flowers in case they have wilted - perhaps snap a few pictures with your flowers early in the day & leave them out of the frame if they are droopy, dry or damaged. 
  7. Schedule lunch into your day-of timeline. Don’t forget to eat & stay hydrated! The easiest way to do this is to schedule lunch for you & your wedding party into your day-of schedule. Take that time to rejuvenate, relax & hydrate before the wedding festivities begin. 

Do you have experience planning a summer wedding? Share your advice in the comments! 

Spring 2016 Styled Shoot | Rustic Viridescence

The idea first came to mind shortly after launching Meadowlark Events: I should team up with a local venue & put together a styled shoot like none other. I should bring together vendors from across Southern Minnesota & create something so unique that the whole state will be buzzing about it. & that's exactly what happened.

May 19th, 2016 was a gorgeous spring day. Thirteen vendors from the Southern Minnesota area gathered at Golden Oak Farm for Rustic Viridescence; a bridal styled shoot inspired by intimacy & foliage. We spent the afternoon setting up & getting to know each other {& of course, having a few snacks, because our spread of food was incredible!}. Then, right as the sun started to descend upon the western sky, the photoshoot began. 

{See more photos by clicking on the rightmost picture}

{A special thanks to everyone who made this day possible}
Planning & Stylist: Meadowlark Events
Venue: Golden Oak Farm
Photography: Angela Elisabeth Portraits
Models: Bryden Giving & Halie Ostberg
Bridal Gown: Inspire Bridal Boutique
Tuxedo: Shops at 5th & Division
Furniture: Country Style Accents
Cake: Bluebird Cakery
Stationary: Shelby Hersleff
Hair: Pamela Hernandez Beauty
Makeup: Amy Samuels
Flowers: Eileen Seeley

You can see the original blog post of {Rustic Viridescence} here: Forever Bride

Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

  1. {Less Stress}: Planning a wedding is stressful & hard work! A wedding planner is there to take on the stressful aspects of planning so you can stay sane. We become the point of contact for the vendors involved in your special day & will respond to the endless phone calls & emails. We will know all of the intricate details involved in your special day & know exactly how to get what you want. The best part - we will be there on the day of your wedding to make sure everything goes smoothly & no one is bothering you with silly questions. Let’s be honest, as much as you want your wedding day to run exactly as planned, sometimes mishaps happen. As wedding planners, we are there to make sure the vendors arrive on time, the décor is exactly how you envisioned it & the groom has his shoes on. On your wedding day, you should be focusing on being fully present in the moment - enjoy being pampered & surrounded by loved ones - we’ll take care of the rest.
  2. {Save Time}: The average couple will be engaged anywhere from 13 to 18 months, & the majority of that time is spent planning. By hiring a wedding planner, you can decide which parts of the planning sounds *fun* to you, & leave the stressful parts for us - this leaves you with more free time to enjoy your engagement! 
  3. {Save Money}: Many people believe that a wedding planner will push them over budget, but in reality, a wedding planner will help you *save* money! Wedding planners regularly work closely with vendors & can suggest trustworthy suppliers with the best prices. We are also there to help you set a budget & stick to it. 
  4. {New Perspectives}: As wedding planners, we are there to listen to YOUR vision for your wedding & help YOU create the day of your dreams - we won’t listen to Aunt Beatrice who has been consistently offering her well-meaning advice. We understand that friends & family will be telling you how things “should be” at your wedding, & we are there to help settle arguments or act as a neutral party as needed. Also, if you ever feel *stuck* in the planning process, we are able to offer a fresh perspective that maybe you’ve never even considered.
  5. {Stay Organized}: Who did I hire for the décor? How many vendors are there? Where did I put their email? Whats their phone number? When do I have to pay the DJ? When am I meeting with the florist? When do I have my next dress fitting? What am I forgetting? Keeping track of all the details for a wedding is a difficult job - let us do it for you!
  6. {We’re There For You}: Through the entire planning process, we are there for you. We will be there every step of the way to ensure your day is exactly how you envisioned it. Why put yourself through the stress of planning a wedding, when someone can do it for you? Hiring a wedding planner will be the best wedding gift you could ever give to yourself.

Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation, & together we can make your event take flight. 


How Meadowlark Events Got It's Name

I walked out to center stage with the bright lights of Bjorling Recital Hall beaming down on me, looked to my right & nodded at the pianist - we were off into the eight minute undertaking of Meadowlark. I had been memorizing & perfecting this beast of a song for the past couple of months & it all came down to this {moment}. 

My performance was flawless - I executed every twist & turn of the song with grace & dignity. I bowed & walked through the giant double doors at the back of the stage & turned to my pianist with glistening eyes. “I did it!” I exclaimed & jumped into her arms for an embrace of victory.

Days, weeks, & months later, I caught myself still singing about the {Plums & Peaches} from Meadowlark - this song had resonated deep within me. You see, this song was assigned to me my junior year of college - right as I was soul searching & deciding if I was going to pursue a career in Psychological Sciences. I had this deep, dark, lingering feeling that psychology was not my {passion}. Instead, I found more pleasure planning parties for my friends & volunteering for different organizations on campus, where I had opportunities to plan large-scale events. {My heart was with event planning.}

As I studied Meadowlark, I dove into the deeper meaning behind the lyrics - the entire song tells a story about a {Meadowlark who lives where the rivers wind. Her voice could match the angels’ in it’s glory, but she was blind}. The Meadowlark has an {Old King} who takes her to his palace, & begs her to sing for him. One day, as the lark is singing, {The God of the Sun heard her in his flight & her singing moved him so he came and brought her the gift of sight}. She opens her eyes to the {Shimmer & the Splendor} of the young God of the Sun - he begs her to fly with him, but she refuses because the Old King loves her. When the Old King comes to check on her later that day, he finds the Meadowlark has died. 

I was the Meadowlark. I had an Old King {a.k.a. my Psychological Science major} who was holding me back from pursuing the God of the Sun {a.k.a my passion for Event Planning}. 

& you should know - the song doesn’t end with the Meadowlark dying.

 “If love has come at last it's picked the worst time,
Still I know
I've got to go.

Fly away, Meadowlark.
Fly away in the silver morning.
If I stay, I'll grow to curse the dark, 
So it's off where the days won't bind me.
I know I leave wounds behind me,
But I won't let tomorrow find me
Back this way. 

Before my past once again can blind me,
Fly away.”

-Makayla, Owner of Meadowlark Events

** you can find the complete lyrics to Meadowlark HERE **